Struggling to Stay Motivated with Home Workouts?

I get it. It has been two months. Your friends in Texas get to go back to the gym, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign that your state will ever reopen. Using your wine bottle as a dumbbell was cute at first, but your living room workout routine is getting old. How many times can you be expected to do an air squat? Before you give up on your home gym routine, try out these tips.

Put on Your Workout Gear

Yes, even if you were already wearing sweatpants. One reason you might be having so much difficulty with your workouts is because they blend into the rest of your day. I know it might feel silly to change outfits just to jump around in your living room for 30 minutes, but preparing for your workout as if you were going to the gym can make a huge difference in terms of mindset. If you’re into athletic wear, pick an outfit that you really love. Maybe even buy a new outfit or two if that keeps your workouts going.

Try Out a New Training Style

You might not be able to switch up the equipment, but you can change the format of your workout! If you tend to stick with a certain rep range for your workouts, try using a timed interval instead. You could also try an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) or AMRAP (As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible) workout. These are both great ways to have fun with timing. Playing around with the timing can make the same exact exercises feel like an entirely different workout. 

Split Up Your Workout

A 30 minute run might sound intimidating, but what about a ten minute run? Instead of doing your entire workout in one chunk, try splitting it up into multiple sections throughout the day. If you were planning on going for a 30 minute run today but just can’t stop procrastinating, try running for ten minutes in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. You can do this with any workout. Instead of doing a full body workout, try squats in the morning, pull ups at lunch, push ups in the afternoon, and crunches in the evening. I normally don’t recommend this type of training because it can be difficult to accomplish when you are at work all day, but this can work really well from home. Breaking your training up into chunks can make it feel much more manageable.

Give Yourself a Goal

It can be difficult to get moving if your workouts feel aimless. Instead of completing random workouts day after day, give your workouts a purpose. For example, if you can only squeeze out 3 or 4 pushups, give yourself a concrete goal of getting 10 push ups in the next month. From there, create a training plan with steps to get you closer to that goal. (If you need help with that part, fill out this form and we can chat!) Just make sure your goal is as specific as possible, important to you, and has a date attached to it.

Don’t Rely on Motivation

Many people assume that motivation is the key to achieving your fitness goals. The truth is that no one is motivated all of the time. Motivation might get you through the door, but discipline and dedication are what keep you going. If I only worked out when I was motivated, I would get in far fewer workouts. And often, the workouts that I don’t feel motivated for are the ones that I needed the most. Yes, times are tough. Listen to your body and pay attention to your stress level. But if the only thing keeping you from your workout is a lack of motivation, it’s time to get up and move!

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