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Tiffany Raitses

My goal is to be the last coach you will ever need.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last six years as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Online Coach. In (and before) that time, I have seen some crazy things: crash diets, crazy workout trends, juice cleanses, and pills that claim to work like magic. I have seen close friends, family members, and clients spin their wheels and try everything under the sun to reach their health and fitness goals, only to end up right back where they started. And I’ve been there myself. I provide my clients with sustainable strategies so that they can reach their goals and keep their results in a healthy way, regardless of their time constraints or limitations.

My Background

I was introduced to the fitness and diet industry in high school. I unintentionally leaned out during my freshman year, and after receiving positive feedback from friends and family members, I was determined to keep my new physique. This led to a cycle of yoyo dieting and compulsive exercising that lasted for the next four years.

I was able to break out of this physically and mentally damaging cycle in college when I found Group Fitness, and eventually strength training. My workouts became less and less focused on calories burned, and more focused on strength, joy, and community. By my sophomore year of college, I decided that I wanted to teach these Group Fitness classes I enjoyed so much. Through the internship I took to become certified as an instructor, my mindset around exercise, as well as nutrition, only grew stronger.

I taught Group Fitness class through my senior year of college and absolutely loved it. But when I graduated and started my first 9-5 job, my workouts and nutrition started to slip. I was no longer teaching Group Fitness Classes, and I was finding it difficult to get to the gym for my own workouts after an eight hour day at the office. My schedule, activity level, and priorities had changed drastically. I was inconsistent with my training and nutrition for the first time since high school. I did not truly become consistent with my own training and nutrition until I hired my first coach. The accountability, outside perspective, and guidance she provided allowed me to develop a plan that I could actually enjoy and adhere to.

I knew that I wanted to provide this direction for other people. And I knew that I wanted to do this on a more personal, in depth level than Group Fitness would allow. So in May of 2019, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and have since helped dozens of women (and a few men) reach their fitness goals in a sustainable way that works with their lifestyle, schedule, and preferences. I have helped lawyers, moms, engineers, teachers, and students who excel in their careers to excel in their fitness journeys without adding more stress to their lives. My approach is completely personalized so that no matter your circumstance, you can reach your goals.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

GGS Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach

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